Sunday, November 25, 2018

Fanchain (FANZ) – Review ICO

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About Fanchain

FanChain is developed by SportsCastr for use on its platform and on other affiliate sports platforms where fans will create value. FanChain SportsCastr ecosystem will include blockchain-powered digital goods, tricks, premium subscriptions, and pay per view ("PPV") functionality and the company's SDK class will allow the technology to be Integrate into the existing OTT system.

FanChain provides a framework in which fans receive compensation by cards that can be used in sports ecosystems. By encouraging your community to contribute to social relationships for the optimum sports experience, you can achieve greater reach through personalized content in more relevant markets. . We create more incentives by providing positive feedback to encourage quality content by providing quality content for the sports ecosystem that users can play. Produce high quality content.

The FanChain token uses a unique combination of interchangeable and non-swapable features that allow the loyalty and affinity of the group to be attached to individual tokens and can be produced and Convey the various platforms through the DAP printing system. The nature of open and decentralized ecosystems enables online publishers, imaginative platforms, social networks, sports teams, tournaments, platforms, stadiums and stadiums to excel - both on the fly routes and locations.


Sports Media is behind the curve when it comes to providing innovative ways to engage their audience. Sports fans create infinite value for teams and tournaments through creativity and content sharing, but they never appreciate the work they do. Obviously, the role of fans as passive consumers have ended.

The problem with the change from fans to passive consumers towards active content producers is that fans do not benefit from the value they create for their favorite team and for fans. other. Although sports tournaments ensure record-breaking deals and social networks generate billions of revenue from user generated content, fans are not elements of the equation. With that, all teams work together to achieve that goal.


FanChain provides a framework where fans are rewarded with cards that can be used in the sports ecosystem where they contribute. By encouraging communities to contribute to social relationships for the optimum sports experience, greater reach can be gained through personalized content for more niche markets. By contributing quality content to the sports ecosystem that users can, positive feedback is made to encourage higher quality content, thereby creating more incentives for Produce quality content.

Token information

  • Name of the token: FanChain
  • Symbol of the token: FANZ 
  • Type of token: ERC20 is of type ERC721 
  • Payment accepted: ETH 
  • Maximum number of cards sold in ICO: 330MM  Max Tokens Minted: 600MM  

Distribute the token

ICO results will be used to develop SportsCastr's FanChain ecosystem including the purchase of facilities to broadcast live sports events, premium content production, gift giving to cardholders (FanPrizes) , platform development, operational costs, marketing and legal. The final details of the final allocation of funds will be determined by the final amount collected, time and other markets and regulatory requirements.

Roadmap of the project


Bitcointalk Profile

Bitcointalk Username : yandonggun

Ethereum address: 0x10Afad38c5cc3B09737c0DcC72aA2A5c164e8C22

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