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[ICO Review] Liker – Blockchain Based Learning Platform

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As the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution began, the concept of "a gigantic economy" emerged, was entrusted only when necessary and the concept of "working crowds". It is time to develop a "second life" with longer life expectancy and at least 70 years of economic activity. "Hypocrites say the world will change jobs every ten years. Lifelong career myths and life accusations are highlighted, and the importance of systematic career development that is relevant to the life cycle is emphasized.

Use the blockchain to redesign education

Blockchain technology will create a new paradigm in all areas of society around the world. If the internal problems of the current education are influenced by outside factors, the logic of national capitalist market and personal assets, the future education market will have the market power of consumer demand that user content requires. Then future education will focus on adaptive learning, adapting to individual learning patterns, and interacting and collaborating through collective intelligence becomes more important. anything else. Through the MOOC companies and universities, a field-based curriculum that extends beyond the university and distance learning will be based on analysis and testing.

This is an educational field that can be solved with the help of blockchain. This will change the recipients of educational services to active users through synchronization under the REWARD compensation policy based on technology beliefs and create a new ecosystem that will be created by background members. and users. Educational content transactions will be more democratic and rational. In addition, LIKER will adhere to an educational policy consistent with voluntary will of the participants. In particular, the compensation policy is also responsible for the social function of providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged people.

Liker's operational model


Sale Started: November 20, 2018 (9:00 AM GMT)

End of Sale: December 19, 2018 (9:00 AM GMT) 

Start Sale: December 20, 2018 (9:00 AM GMT) 

Sale: Front Sale: 20% Main sale: 10% 

Token Transaction Rate: 1 ETH = 7,000 LK 

Minimum Trading: 0.015 ETH 

Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH 

Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH

Liker is very serious in preparing for ICO deployment. In response to ICO investors' inquiries, Liker has focused on community building on Telegram so that people can quickly update information and inquire about the project. You can also answer any questions quickly when joining this community Telegram 

Road Map

2015 START COMPANY Concept Generation Team Assemble

2015 FinTech Group Bank4U LLc.(UK) Korean Platform Partner

2016 Chung du, China Block Chain Technology based Co.,ltd Established Digital Cash Generation&Sharing Method - 2 patent applications

2017 My Price OS, Korea - Block Chain Tech Co.,ltd Established Osaka, Japan - LIKER Node Platform Hanoi, Vietnam - LIKER Node Platform

2018 Q1 California, USA - LIKER Node Platform Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - LIKER Node Platform Bangkok, Thailand - LIKER Node Platform Jakarta, Indonesia = LIKER Node Platform

2018 Q2 Liker world & Sung-kyunk-wan University Block Chain Research Center Agreement Liker world & Dongguk University Block Chain Business School (MBA) Liker world & PowerGen agreement Liker world & OhKims Law Bcc agreement Malta - LIKER Corporation Establishment Scheduled Hanbit ICT Academy and block chain using Liker coin 1st Meet-up Event Encrypted Wallets Created​ 2st Meet-up Event Contract with Paybank Ltd for the implementation of Liker coin payment Liker coin & Exchange Business Agreement Complete version 3.0 of white paper LIKER PRIVATE TOKEN SALE (AUG)


2018 Q4 PRE TOKEN SALE (11.20~) MAIN TOKEN SALE (12.20~) Xmas event (12.24~) Be Listed on Coin Exchange Markets

2019 Q1~Q2 The first version of the platform API for project integration Pilot project progress

2019 Q3~Q4 The active development of the platform Educational project includes platform

2020 Q1~Q4 The expansion of platform

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