Saturday, December 8, 2018

[ICO Review] CryptoBarons - The Blockchain Revolution in the Game Industry

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Over the years, the ecosystem of the electronic money has grown dramatically since the launch of the currency in the year 2009 Bitcoin. Electronic money is usually electronic assets; things are created and delivered without the intervention of any bank or Government agency. There are a number of factors contributed to the success of Cryptocurrencies, but the basic technology is the largest of them "Blockchain." Before, we proceed one step higher on the technology, it is important to know the summary of Blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a digital Ledger records every transaction made on the Cryptocurrency network. Compared to the other computer technology, it's more secure against hackers and other network threats. This is because, once the data is added to the accounting books Blockchain can not be deleted or modified by any of the members of the network, thereby making it the most reliable technology in the current era.

Not only is electronic money, Blockchain technology in recent years has reached base in various industries, ranging from the airline industry for the banking industry. Many revolutionary products have been designed and developed through the main technology of the Bitcoin. And, one of the pioneer product is so CryptoBarons

What is CryptoBarons ? 

CryptoBarons is a game development company and manages its own company. Mostly they specialize in 3D for smart phones and service providers around the globe, Multiplayer online role-playing game is a combination of role-playing video games and multiplayer online games in which a large number of players interact with each other in the virtual world.

Blockchain CryptoBarons A new online role-playing game

Now, they are announcing a CryptoBarons is developing an ICO project using blockchain technology and started subscribing to their newsletter. With the accumulated knowledge of mobile CryptoBarons development, they are set to create a new type, revolutionizing the online gaming market by using blockchain technology in the game.

Digital content trading on the decentralized market. A new blockchain economic era for publishers and users. The CryptoBarons DApps platform will enable digital content in the secondary market to become a valuable asset to all parties and provide a secure, minimum cost-sensitive transaction experience.

What is the mission of CryptoBarons?

The only mission of the CryptoBarons is to build loyalty and rewards platform helps virtual games industry operates in any geographical area, has the ability to connect with potential player base through their CryptoBarons platform.

Benefits for Online Game Portal

  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Increase sales with BRN Token Reward

Benefits for gamers

Players will receive rewards in the form of Token payments for the BRN of them through the CryptoBarons Platform.

  • They will also receive rewards for their friends' invitations, likes, shares, and more.
  • Improved security and transparency

with flexible extensibility, safety and prestige. CryptoBarons platform will be a development environment extremely convenient for programmers and developers.Players can benefit from the extensive game world with potential economy, fair game and owns the in-game items, and especially the ability to swap full credit.

Details on ICO CryptoBarons




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