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[ICO REVIEW] DeepCloud AI - Cloud computing platform for the future

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Deep Cloud AI is a platform, wishing to deepen and prepare the infrastructure for the deployment of Blockchain and dApp for future use. The platform is also exploring new markets for decentralized solutions by providing users with a cloud-based, blockchain-based cloud service option.

Token Deep

DEEP tokens were originally introduced as ERC-20 tokens. Since the development, these tokens will not be made on the Ethereum network due to scalability problems, DeepCloud AI will deploy a faster and more scalable blockchain such as NEO or ICON.


The goal of DeepCloud AI is to improve the cloud experience and improve input better to build an AI-based distributed cloud computing platform to run decentralized applications - IoT and Web 3.0 DApps. As well as providing the computing and storage markets to users and enterprise-level individuals to share their excess capacity on the cloud dispersed by Deepcloud AI.

Applications are implemented in a secure sandbox on peer-to-peer resources, and all transactions are handled on a blockchain through smart contracts with full transactional audits on Blockchain DeepCloud transactions. This helps the user to achieve a rich set of information and predictions, and then make a smarter and smarter decision.


For network resource providers: They are the ones who want to earn DEEP tokens by providing unused computing power from their hardware devices. To run DeepCloud AI buttons on their device, they must stake DEEP tokens. DeepCloud AI will optimize their resources by organizing nodes in clusters based on their specifications. Therefore, each device will have the optimal processing power. The main aspects of the AI ​​controller are sharding and sidechain. Because the network is self-organizing and AI-based, you get more information from each node; the better the network.

With the Master Node: The command centers are controlled by AI, the Master Node organizes regular nodes into appropriate clusters. They match requirements from system users with real-time clusters. In case of congestion, side strings will be used. (Sidechains are separate blockchains that can perform cross-thread transactions with a key chain via a two-way pin.)

For network users: Businesses will use the DEEP token to access database services, software, and processing power. Businesses are encouraged to use Deepcloud AI for lower costs and higher security than traditional IaaS & SaaS providers.

Developers can intervene in DEEP tokens by deploying on-demand software in DeepCloud AI. They are coin to be sure the true. The network user will be billing the DEEP token for access to the software.

Foundation basis

On-Chain: DeepCloud AI will be running on the blockchain Ethereum for payment, security, KYC and operating operations (Master Nodes / AI Controller). In the future, they plan to switch to a faster blockchain like Icon or NEO. For micro transactions, DeepCloud AI will develop its own DAG to conduct micro transactions to serve IoT applications, games, and more. BlockClass based on DeepCloud AI's DAG will provide support for speedy identification at zero cost, which makes micro-payments easier to handle. All transactions will be made on the blockchain invariant with full access through smart contracts.

Off-Chain: Network users, application providers, and network resource providers will operate off-chain. Consensus is achieved through a membership protocol controlled by the host nodes and proof of service to meet user dApps, services, and node configurations. Because the nodes are allowed to detect each other, it disseminates information quickly and maintains a consistent view of the nodes in the application cluster.

Security: The software will be run in a secure sandbox environment on the buttons. This prevents software from harming the operating system and the hardware of the nodes. Major nodes and clusters will stake their DEEP tokens to ensure that dishonest acts do not bring financial benefits. DeepCloud AI will implement a security feature similar to Intel's SGX (a set of CPUs for remote security, web browsing, and digital rights management). This feature protects the software from modification or disclosure by the server.

DeepCloud AI Platform

AI Platform DeepCloud is a non-centralized IaaS cloud service provider with the following services:

DeepCloud AI's core platform controller manages resources and has AI Matching tools to match network resource providers and application developers. Meanwhile, the developer community of DeepCloud AI provides open source tools for IoT and DApp developers. Some of these tools are provided by DeepCloud AI, other tools will be broader community contributions.

Token information

Total supply: 200,000,000 DEEP

Token : DEEP

Hardcap: $ 15 Million

Softcap: $ 8 Million

1 Deep: $ 0.25

Only ETH is accepted when sold publicly.



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