Sunday, December 2, 2018

[ICO Review] Followine - The first ecosystem to use Blockchain, against counterfeiting wine

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The Followine platform is here to validate the current supply chain using the ever-growing blockchain technology. By integrating crypto tags and combinations using mobile applications with blockchain technology. This makes the brands, consumers and retailers different, giving them the ability to fight off fake wine products that overwhelm the market.

What is Followine? 

Followine was designed as a blockchain company. The company has established a team of professionals, who are dedicated to the current problem faced by many businesses in the market, the issue of counterfeit wines. Companies are personally invested in ensuring they eliminate the problem from the society.

The main task of the company is to ensure that they protect all brands and retailers; This is whether they are large or small. It also protects end consumers from these fake wine products, which is by implementing an unsafe authentication system using blockchain

The platform also has a mobile application that can be used by retailers, brands and consumers to communicate effectively with Encryption. This will also add additional data to the blockchain platform.

There is genuine data for each individual item available on the market and with the use of blockchain technology, the journey through the supply chain is recorded permanently. As a result, this will allow any individual to verify the authenticity of the product.

ICO Details

Token Name : WINECOIN

Symbol : WINE 

Token Type : ERC20 

Max Decimals : 3

Max Potential Supply : 250,000,000

Token For Sale : 135,000,000

Token For Sale Pre-ICO : 15,000,000

Token For Sale ICO : 120,000,000

Token Price : €0,10 

Soft Cap : €1,000,000

Hard Cap : €12,000,000

Accepted : ETH, ETC, BTC, BCH, LTC


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