Sunday, December 16, 2018

[ICO Review] Glyff

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Glyff is very serious in preparing for ICO deployment. In response to ICO investors' inquiries, Glyff has focused on community building on Telegram so that people can quickly update information and inquire about the project. You can also answer any questions quickly when joining this community Telegram

Blockchain technology with its unique features and especially distributed data management, solving problems of trust - is changing the face of many areas in the world. In a digital economy, sellers and buyers can be directly connected without the need of an intermediary. Thereby, the transactions are done quickly and the transaction costs are reduced significantly. That's exactly what blockchain technology is helping to change the world.

Along with blockchain, electronic money is also emerging as an asset that investors everywhere around the world prefer. Although officials around the world are very cautious about this type of asset, and many countries have yet to come up with a clear legal framework for electronic money, In one day of electronic money still reached billions of dollars. This volume will not stop there when the world has more than 170 electronic exchange trading platform with more than 100,000 registered users every day.

The future of blockchain as well as electronic currencies is very difficult to predict. But at present, the electronic money industry is still in its infancy, and contains a tremendous potential for growth. At present, more and more development platforms are in place to address the problems of the traditional financial sector, and even address the backlashes of newly created modern technologies. Therefore, the number of financial solutions using blockchain technology is increasing, including Glyff

What is Glyff ?

Glyff is a decentralized platform combining the blockchain and advanced cryptography with the goal of delivering privacy-preserving smart contracts and confidential asset transfers.

What problem does it solve ?


The blockchain is one of the most important recent inventions, enabling business and individuals to instantly send value and information over the internet, without the need for trusted third parties. However, current solutions completely forego privacy, with the entirety of data and amounts transacted between parties exposed to the public, whilst most real-world applications - health, financial, IoT, etc - require details of their operations to remain undisclosed and are not compatible with a public blockchain system.

How does it work ? 

Adding elements from latest cryptographic breakthroughs to the Ethereum proven design, Glyff balances data privacy and transactional security with computational efficiency, ultimately delivering an easily programmable, high throughput smart contract settlement layer up to enterprise level while enforcing the core principles of the blockchain. Glyff, like Ethereum, allows development of decentralized applications, but with a key difference : the ability of concealing data from the computing nodes. This enables developers to include sensitive data in their smart-contracts, directly on-chain, without compromise on security

Coin parameters 

Max amount: ~100,000,000

Block reward: 5 GLY

Block time: 12 seconds

Hashing algorithm: ETHASH (subject to change)


Initial distribution: 50,000,000 GLY

TGE (including pre-sale): 32,500,000 GLY

Glyff reserve: 7,500,000 GLY

Team and early contributors: 5,000,000 GLY

Community and strategic partners: 5,000,000 GLY

Pre-sale phase 

Start date : 20 December 2018

End date : 19 January 2019

Token price : 0.11 USD

Discount :25%

Tokens for sale : 6,500,000

ICO phase 

 Start date : 20 February 2019

End date : 22 March 2019

Token price : 0.13 USD

Discount : None

Tokens for sale : 26,000,000




Ethereum Address : 0x10Afad38c5cc3B09737c0DcC72aA2A5c164e8C22

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