Saturday, December 1, 2018

[ICO Review] Rento - Global sharing application

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Rento is a P2P platform for rent and freedom. The Ethereum blockchain technology and Interplanetary FIle System (IPFS), platform and community are decentralized, allowing users to interact without intermediaries. Rento combines the functions of Airbnb, Turo, Upwork and TaskRabbit on the blockchain. Rento addresses the five major issues of the P2P economy: high commissions, vendor taxes, non-transparency of ratings and reviews, loss of exchange rates and the risk of fraud and cancellations.

Rento users can operate in two different roles at the same time: the provider (hire or work), the client (hire or post job),

In the world of currency fiat services usually occupy the unique market to focus on certain needs of customers. And that makes sense. On the blockchain, this logic will never work - founder Rento, who has the ambitious idea of ​​creating a worldwide blockchain ecosystem to share any physical or intangible assets. any.

The business concept is based on the idea that all the benefits of blockchain can be realized if the user is likely to become a supplier and a customer at the same time. This is what Rento really offers. You can make money from anything you own: your home, your car or even your time and talents as a freelancer. And then, when hiring something out or doing a job for someone, you earn the card and can spend it on whatever you like.

The best case to illustrate the advantage of such an environment is a holiday. Imagine you want to rent your apartment in the US on Airbnb and then rent an apartment in Europe on a trip. You will pay up to 23% of the double commission (the host plus the rental commission is always included in the price after all) and convert the US dollar into euro. And if you rent your apartment more than 14 days in a year, add a tax of around 30%. Total damage is incredible.

And here's how it's done on Rento. You rent your apartment to sign a smart contract. This ensures that your customer will pay the rent. Rento has a reliable trading mechanism that allows you to use your token locked in your smart deal and is not paid in the future, immediately. So, you choose any apartment in Europe that you like, regardless of the currency exchange (the Rento token is the same in every country). Furthermore, you are a vendor who is not interested in taxes since the token is not taxable in the United States until they are withdrawn. The deals are so cheap and easy that you can afford to rent a bigger home or rent a private car apart.

As mentioned above, it is not the only property that you can share on rento. Freedom is the freedom to share human resources and also on rento. In fact, it is a global market for everything that is human. Which can be freely traded and exchanged on blockchain.

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