Friday, December 14, 2018


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Blockchain technology with its unique features and especially distributed data management, solving problems of trust - is changing the face of many areas in the world. In a digital economy, sellers and buyers can be directly connected without the need of an intermediary. Thereby, the transactions are done quickly and the transaction costs are reduced significantly. That's exactly what blockchain technology is helping to change the world.

Along with blockchain, electronic money is also emerging as an asset that investors everywhere around the world prefer. Although officials around the world are very cautious about this type of asset, and many countries have yet to come up with a clear legal framework for electronic money, In one day of electronic money still reached billions of dollars. This volume will not stop there when the world has more than 170 electronic exchange trading platform with more than 100,000 registered users every day.

The future of blockchain as well as electronic currencies is very difficult to predict. But at present, the electronic money industry is still in its infancy, and contains a tremendous potential for growth. At present, more and more development platforms are in place to address the problems of the traditional financial sector, and even address the backlashes of newly created modern technologies. Therefore, the number of financial solutions using blockchain technology is increasing, including SYNAPSECOIN

The popularity of e-money mobilization efforts has exploded over the past year. Thousands of startup companies have used the original Coin services to provide investment funds for innovative and successful businesses. Of course, the success of this blockchain funding model has created an industry that needs new and innovative ways for companies to use blockchain technology to create exciting products.  


SYNAPSECOIN is a blockchain-based fundraising platform that helps people who want to start a new business or have a valuable project. This allows individuals to use technology to raise capital from the community to increase the amount needed. At the same time, SYNAPSECOIN helps investors evaluate potential business proposals. SYNAPSECOIN is a new platform that informs investors and connects them with investors and startup companies or individuals looking for funding. All these interactions will be possible through the use of electronic money token called (SYP).


Synapsecoin, is a system of collective financing (Crowdfunding) around the world, whose objective is to connect investors with business ideas to develop their project, to obtain more information, security for our investors and entrepreneurs.


  • Allows you to finance your project, idea or business or expand and start it up. 
  • It will be the currency of exchange (SYP), for the financing of business ideas. 
  • The project also provided the highest level of privacy and security for our investors and entrepreneurs. 
  • Receive a percentage for the investment made in a Crowdfundig project, this benefit will be from 10% to 20% according to the project



Symbol: SYP

Decimals standard of ERC20: 18

Token function: utility token. Use of the token: currency of exchange within the platform.

Total supply: 990, 000,000 SYP

Private sale: from December 1 to January 10 Cost of 1 SYP: 0.025USD

Contract: 0x7853a395abf4aac78e69ed9f7b93238a44b0f017

Accepted currencies: ETHEREUM, BITCOIN, LITECTA.



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