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ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN is an electronic money project launching a stablecoin based on Ethereum called Token ARCC. The project's long-term goal is to launch a cash-defined electronic currency - similar to the way Tether provides Tethers USD and Euro Tethers.
The electronic money community is increasingly focused on creating a "stablecoin" - an electronic currency for a stable price that is tied to a fiat currency or another stable asset. Companies like Tether and others have tried to create stablecoin with varying degrees of success. Now, ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN aims to fight the volatility of the electronic money industry by creating its own stablecoin.
Unlike other stablecoin developers, ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN doesn't want to launch its own stablecoin series; The company wants to provide anyone with the tools to launch their own stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a complete stablecoin management solution.
How does ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN system work?
ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN describes itself as a "decentralized electronic money management system" based on the Ethereum blockchain. ARCC will be released in the near future.
The main benefit of storing ARCC on the Ethereum blockchain is that anyone can check real-time market value of collateral. You can verify, at any time, the value of stablecoin's basic assets.

Meanwhile, smart contracts control the inside and out transactions of stablecoin:
"There is no need to worry about ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN's account of fleeing, bankruptcy or suspending accounts for smart contracts to ensure all collateral will not be embezzled," explains the report. ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN. "Stablecoin's owner doesn't have to worry about the volatility of market value of collateral."
The "management" controls of ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN include a complete set of risk control measures to manage the market value of collateral, which means that currency fluctuations will not cause terrorism. panic on the whole ecosystem.
Anyone can use the ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN management platform to release their own stablecoin. In order to issue stablecoin, you need to mortgage the valued Ethereum assets (or any digital assets approved by the ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN Management Committee).
The first electronic money released through the management platform ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN is called ARCC, an electronic currency based on Ethereum, which is "relatively stable with the US dollar", according to the report. Currencies are created by Ethereum mortgages and other digital assets, and prices are supported and stabilized by the Smart Asset Reserve (SAR), commission and inside leverage engines out.
Smart asset reserve is the main stable aspect behind ASIA RESERVE CURRENCY COIN.
Smart Asset Reserve is a smart contract based on Ethereum Contract. Using SAR, this platform can ensure the confidentiality, transparency and auditing capabilities of all mortgaged digital assets. Below is the basic process used by the Smart Asset Reserve to keep prices stable:

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